Cluster V Girls Athletic Meet 2014 - 2015

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School No. 46047
Tel: 0427-2241800
Date: 10/09/2014

   All the Principal
   C.B.S.E. Affiliated school
Dear Sir /Madam,  

       Sub:CBSE Cluster V Girls Athletic Meet (2014 -15) - Reg

                Ref: CBSE/South India Secretary –Sports/2013-2014 Dated 02-08-2014

We are pleased to inform you that, we are hosting Cluster v Girls Athletic Meet for the academic year 2014-2015.The details of the Meet and entry form in the Online, kindly fill in the Student Registration in your own CBSE login.Please see that you update and apply for the participation column before 7 days from the commencement of the meet . Looking forward to your kind cooperation to make this tournament successful!

   SALEM - 636 140, TAMILNADU.
                                    Phone:  0427 - 2241800.
Organizing committee members
Mr. Gopi : 9944950657
Mr. Zamin : 9994757565
Mr. Arockia raj : 7502146157
Miss. Sathya : 9677673732
Transport Mr. Albert : 9443213666
Contact Email ID :

How to reach us? Our School Buses will be Available from the following Stations

  • Salem Main Railway Junction
  • Salem New Bus Stand
  • Ayyothiyapatinam. Kindly check our school map which is in the last page of this circular.

Schedule: From 05thNovember, 2014to 7th, 2014 (2days)
Registration: From 05thNovember, 2014 afternoon
Team Managers Meeting: 5th November, 2104 at 5 p.m
Inaugural Function: 6th November at 7.30 a.m
Valedictory: 7thNovember. 2014 at 6 p.m.

Material to be brought by the team manager

  • Authorization letter from the Head of the institution
  • Identity card
  • School flag
  • Group photo of the team duly attested by the principal concerned (If it is necessary)

Materials to be brought by the player

  • Blanket
  • Bed sheet
  • School Uniform
  • Sports uniform
  • I.D Card
  • Other personal items
  • Lock and key

Boarding and lodging

  • All the participants will be given a decent accommodation along with their team manager /coach
  • Vegetarian food will be served to all the teams and officials on payment basis. The charges are Rs.350/ Per head per day (as per C.B.S.E, norms) this amount covers breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and dinner

Important instructions

  • . It shall be mandatory to supply the team photo with the school principal along with entry Performa countersigned by the concerned principal ( If It is necessary)
  • The students/players studying in IX and above have to provide CBSE registration number given by the school and under 14, 16, 19 years players date of birth certificate certified by government officials
  • Participants are requested not to bring any valuable items such as jewelry, mobile, camera, Walkman etc., The team managers will be held responsible for the safety of their belonging and the loss of the host school property
  • The participating schools are requested to submit the travel details form providing, exact date time and mode of journey to enable the organizers to receive the teams from the railway station/Bus station.(Accommodation Form is attached at last page)
  • The participating schools are requested to make own arrangement for return journey reservations
  • The schools are requested to bring the latest Xerox copy of the sports affiliation fee paid to CBSE for the year 2014 - 2015.
  • A caution deposit of Rs.1000/- per team will be collected when they report on and the same will be refunded whenever the team is vacating our premises
  • All teams have to vacate the premises by 7 p.m on November 2014

General Information

  • Accommodation will be provided for out station students only
  • For students participating from schools within Salem, accommodation will not be provided

    Age group:
  • A player shall be under 14, 16 ∧ 19 years of age on 31 Dec 2013
    • Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.2001
    • Under 16 Years :Born on or after 01.01.1999
    • Under 19 years: Born on or after 01.01.1996
  • Each and every player shall carry with them required documents as mentioned under the title Eligibility of CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competition of the CBSE Website
    • a) No team will be permitted to participate without accompanying official
    • b) Lodging facility is free for out station participants

 No boarding and lodging facility will be provided for the parents of participants by the organizing school. Participants will not be allowed to stay with their Parents.

  • c) The official accompanying the team shall have a valid ID card issued by the School Principal>
  • d) Any non designated person accompanying the team will not be entertained for any matter at the venue and will not be permitted to stay in the premises
  • e) School withdrawing without informing/requesting the Organizing school, will be penalized with a penalty of Rs. 1000/-
  • f) The Player's right to participate forfeits if it fails to produce the papers supporting the eligibility in original on demand
  • g) All the outstation teams should report to the venue on 5th November, 2014 after noon
  • h) Whatsoever the reason may be, on the spot entry or late entry will not be accepted. Further, delay will not be considered as an excuse for accepting late entry
  • i)Check list to submit the Entry forms

Cluster V Girls Athletic meet 2014 -15

Oraganised By : Notre Dame of Holy Cross, Gundukalloor, Salem - 636140

  • The meet shall be conducted according to the rules of Amateur Athletic Federation of India, with required modifications if necessary
  • Every school will be entitled to enter only one athlete in each event, except in relay races where a team of maximum five athletes can be entered
  • The various age categories and list of events in which competition will be held

  • Under 14 Years Under 16 Years Under 19 Years
    Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls
    100 M 100 M 100 M 100 M 100 M 100 M
    200 M 200 M 200 M 200 M
    400 M 400 M 400 M 400 M 400 M 400 M
    4 X 100 M Relay 4 X 100 M Relay 1500 M 1500 M 1500 M 1500 M
    3000 M 4 X 100 M Relay 5000 M 3000 M
    Long Jump Long Jump 4 X 100 M Relay 4 X 400 M Relay 4 X 100 M Relay 4 X 100 M Relay
    4 X 400 M Relay Long Jump 4 X 400 M Relay 4 X 400 M Relay
    Shot Put 4 Kgs Shot Put 3 Kgs Long Jump High Jump Long Jump Long Jump
    High Jump Shot Put 3 Kgs High Jump High Jump
    Triple Jump Discus Throw 1 Kg Triple Jump Triple Jump
    Shot Put 5 Kgs Javelin Throw 500 Gms Shot Put 6 Kgs Shot Put 4 Kgs
    Discus Throw 1.5 Kg Discus Throw 1.75 Kg Discus Throw 1 Kg
    Javelin Throw 700 Gms Javelin Throw 800 Gms Javelin Throw 600 Gms

  • An athlete can participate in maximum two individual events and in relay
  • Each school will submit event-wise list of participating Athletes (detailed entry) so as to reach the Cluster-level Organizing School at least SEVEN DAYS before the actual commencement of the meet on the prescribed form. Postal delays will not be considered as an excuse for accepting late entries. The detailed entry list must be signed by the principal of the school concerned with seal
  • On the spot entry/changes will not be permitted
  • The athletes winning first ∧ second position at Cluster level shall qualify to take part in National level Athletic Meet. However, in relays, only the first position winning team from each Cluster will be allowed to participate in Nationals
  • In a particular event, if the number of athletes is less than four; but they are from different Institutions/Clusters, it may be conducted. The winners may be awarded the medals and the merit certificate, but, they may not be awarded the points so as to be included for the Team Championship. However, their points will be considered for individual championship
  • In case of relays, all the five members of the team (if five names are given before the meet in the eligibility Performa and all five have attended the meet) irrespective of who runs the finals, shall be awarded the Medals and Certificates
  • Immediately after the Cluster level meets, the Organizing School shall send the list of athletes qualified, with their school name and complete postal address to the National Meet Organizing School
  • All the Principals of such schools from where the Athletes have qualified to participate in the National meet must inform their Athletes, indicating the venue and the dates of the National meet and plan their journey (reservation etc.) They should also inform the Organizing School about their arrival and departure schedule
  • In relays, only a single school team will be allowed to participate
  • The Overall Championship separately in boys and girls sections in all the age groups may be decided. The points shall be awarded according to the following system

  • Position Individual Events Team Events (Relays)
    1st Place 07 14
    2nd Place 05 10
    3rd Place 04 08
    4th Place 03 06
    5th Place 02 04

  • The Merit Certificates shall be awarded only up to 3rd position. However Participation Certificates will be awarded to all those who actually take part in Cluster/National level as the case may be
  • A separate prize may be given to the Individual Champion in Boys and Girls section, in all the age categories
  • The Individual Champion (Best athlete) in any age group will be awarded only to one athlete on the basis of performance/points as per the AFI Scoring Table
  • A prize may be given to the school scoring total maximum points (total points in all the age groups in Boys and Girls categories) and may be declared as over-all Champion
  • In the National Athletic Meet, the record of performance up to 6th Place shall be maintained. In case where no 6th Place is available, up to 4th or 5th performance will be maintained. Such performance will be made available to the CBSE Sports Cell
  • New Meet Record(s) wherever created should be clearly indicated as 'NMR'and wherever the performance is equal to the existing record, may be clearly indicated as 'EMR'
  • From organizing school, in each event, only one athlete will participate
  • The schools Organizing Cluster level meet shall take a Group Photo of the teams that have qualified to participate in national level meet. The photo shall be signed by the host school Principal and forwarded to the school organizing next level of competition along with the original entry Performa