SPORTS DAY - Cultural Events

The Annual Sports Day was celebrated with various Cultural Events like Dance, Karate, Silambam presented by our students of various classes.

  • To display the importance of rain and water, UKG kids performed a cute dance with colorful umbrellas.
  • Students of Class 1 and 2 perforrmed a dance to exhibit the importance and greatness of TAMIL language.
  • Plant trees and protect lives - through a dance performance class 5,6 and 7 exposed the theme to the audience.
  • In order to promote Farming and Agriculture students of class 8,9 and 11 presented different types of dance performances like Karagattam, Puliyattam, Kolkaal Attam.
  • Karate Students from various classes demostrated their power by breaking tiles and exhibiting different techniques of self defence.
  • Students exhibited their talents in Silambam.
  • As a Tribute to KALAM and supporting National Integration students of class 3 and 4 performed a dance.
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